Denzel Curry – Sumo

Denzel Curry - Sumo

Denzel Curry returns in full force, going harder than ever.
Following a proclamation that he was quitting rap indefinitely, Denzel Curry appears to be backtracking by releasing a brand new track. Denzel posted a series of cryptic tweets last month, hinting at an impending break from the original rapper. However, to our delights, Zeltron is back with the finally-released “Sumo.” The track has been teased for months, originally supposed to include Ski Mask The Slump God as a featured artist. In a statement last year, Curry claimed that since Ski Mask took too long to send his verse on the track, he would be going solo on “Sumo.”

Although a Ski feature would have been great to hear on a track of this caliber, we’re more than happy with Denzel going it alone on the track. Produced by Charlie Heat, the Aquarius Killa goes as hard as ever on the beat, snapping in his signature forceful style. Curry has built a large following and his work on A$AP Ferg’s tour has only built his name to a point where his releases are as anticipated as ever. Premiering as Zane Lowe’s “World Record” today, the track has been made available on Apple Music and iTunes. Check out “Sumo” and let us know your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

Pockets too big, they sumo
Pull a n—a card like Uno
Flip a n—a shit like Judo
You n—as act too culo
You a nerd, no Chad Hugo
Pockets too big, they sumo

Denzel Curry – Sumo 


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