Download: Rick Ross – Bag Up MP3

Download: Rick Ross – Bag Up MP3

Download: Rick Ross – Bag Up MP3 - HipHopHubs

Rick Ross’ mere presence simply exudes the aura of a boss. Such has been part of his image since his arrival, and several shrewd business moves have made it a reality. Unfortunately, it can lead to somewhat of a conundrum, in which Ross attempts to get by on presence alone; the man can rap, and well at that, but occasionally prefers to let the sheer Rick-Rossedness of it all simply take over. As a result, his gruff baritone falls back on familiarities, from lavish materialistic purchases to proclamations of his own dominance.On “Bag Up,” Ross doesn’t quite tip his toe in the water. Instead, he’s in there wading, over a heated banger from DP Beats. Yet the song itself feels like a rehash of iconic Ross, and it would be surprising to see this one lining the upcoming Port Of Miami 2. Instead, it reads like a warm-up routine, in which Rick Ross steps to the mic in a silk robe and matching slippers: cigar in mouth optional. His position is well earned, but sometimes, the workers prefer to see the boss hustling like he’s still on the come up.

Quotable Lyrics

It’s time to bag up,
I bought the red Balenciaga’s ripped the tag off
I swipe the card if its a lot before I smash off
I roll the dope before we ride I like to blast off
Kill everything inside before you take your mask off

Download: Rick Ross – Bag Up MP3


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