Download: Tyler, The Creator – PUFF MP3

Tyler, The Creator – PUFF MP3

Tyler’s latest musical oeuvre comes to us just as we pull the drapery for a closed session. No matter what clock says, wherever the ground it is you occupy, Tyler makes the mellow colour wheel come to life exclusively on very own his YouTube channel.

On “PUFF” takes the scenic route back to his party house, the radio turned on as if it were an auto-function, but this one season voice strikes him squarely in his left and right brain. It is the voice of Golf Radio’s evening broadcast team, diverting attention from the boredom that lies at home. The voice announces a triple feature of Movies at the local cinema, free to whoever calls in the 8th position. Even as the track cuts off, and we’re left to ponder the result of the imaginary raffle, it’s hard to wake right up after witnessing Tyler’s pastel sheet of music.

Check out Tyler’s instrumental “PUFF.” He proves once again that he is equally adept as both a producer and a rapper, although we only credit his zany lyrics. Perhaps we ought to give his worldbuilding talents a bit more consideration.

Download: Tyler, The Creator – PUFF MP3


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