Jacquees – Rodeo Ft T-Pain

Jacquees - Rodeo Ft T-Pain

Whereas 4275 has been touted as his proper debut album, this project is not that, it’s an EP titled This Time I’m Serious. No matter, it contains two features from Wale and T-Pain, with production predominantly handled by his go-to Nash B– Nash was also behind the boards.  which Jacquees murdered, if you need more evidence of their chemistry together.
If you’ve been following the rising singer Jacquees, you know he’s been promising fans his 4275 project for quite some time. He discussed the project when we shot him for On The Come Up almost exactly a year ago– and now it looks like he’s finally ready to let fans hear it, almost.

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Jacquees – Rodeo Ft T-Pain


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