Jadakiss ft Nino Man – Plug Walk

Jadakiss ft Nino Man - Plug Walk

Rich The Kid’s “Plug Walk” is Jadakiss & Nino Man’s latest victim.
Earlier in the year, Jadakiss announced that he’s relaunching his label So Raspy. After dropping several singles with Nino Man towards the end of 2017, it came as no surprise that he was the first artist signed to the label. They’ve dropped several singles since then including the most recent, “I Need You” featuring Flowboy Vegas in March. Today, they reunite to flip Rich The Kid’s “Plug Walk.”


Jadakiss and Nino Man join forces for their latest remix of Rich The Kid’s “Plug Walk.” There’s been several rappers who’ve dropped remixes to the song but Jada and Nino Man completely demolish it. With slick wordplay and detailed accounts of life in the streets, the two of them take “Plug Walk” and make it their own.

Quotable Lyrics
I been gettin’ money, I ain’t with the thug talk
Hustler for life, knowin’ what the drug talk
Never on the phone ’cause that shits a bugged talk
Y’all do the money dance, I just do the plug walk

Jadakiss ft Nino Man – Plug Walk 


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