Kevin Gates Intro Edition mp3

Kevin Gates Intro Edition mp3

Kevin Gates Intro Edition mp3Kevin Gates Intro Edition mp3 – The new “Intro Edition” is Kevin Gates at his best. The song is almost five minutes straight of Rapping with barely a hook to be heard (the minimal hook has some of the best bars of the song). In other words, this is not the Kevin Gates of “2 Phones” or “Really Really” (who is great), this rapping sounds more like the intro to a classic Lil Wayne tape. In fact, this song sounds more like an album intro than anything else; maybe Kevin Gates is in album mode.

The timing would be right, six months after getting out of jail and only a couple months after a well-received warm-up EP, Chained To The City, that is by far one of the best of the year so far (not to mention the one-off “Therapy Shit” that came out in June). If this is the first look at some album material, we are in for a treat and, if not, enjoy this absolute gem below.

Quotable Lyrics Kevin Gates Intro Edition mp3 

I get the picture, right now
Lil’ bitty b***h, bite down
One on my wrist, iced out
Real ones don’t hit with the lights out.


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