Lil Peep Ft. Clams Casino – 4 Gold Chains MP3 Download

Lil Peep Ft. Clams Casino – 4 Gold Chains MP3 Download - HipHopHubs
Lil Peep’s posthumous catalog with the hazy “4 Gold Chains.” Produced by Clams Casino, the track takes on a passive vibe as the rapper, born Gustav Elijah Åhr, details the highs and lows of fame. The new cut was first announced when Peep revealed in a tweet sent out the same day of his death that he had been working with Clams, and honestly speaking, it’s a hard listen at first as Peep unleashes lyrics about balancing women and drugs to “numb the pain.” Fittingly, the track, arriving in conjunction Mother’s Day, also features a few lines addressed to his own mom, and his desire to provide for her by any means.Two months after his death, it was revealed that the 21-year old suffered from an accidental drug overdose of generic Xanax and fentanyl. Nevertheless, it’s a great thing to see that Lil Peep’s team and supporters aren’t looking to suppress the transparency that he poured into his art.

Quotable Lyrics:

Four gold chains, gave two to my brothers
I need four whips, so I can give ’em to my brothers, yeah
I need four cribs, so I can give ’em to my mother, yeah
My mom, that’s all I got… yeah…

Lil Peep Ft. Clams Casino – 4 Gold Chains MP3 Download


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