Logic – Everybody Dies Mp3 Download

Logic – Everybody Dies Mp3

Logic - Everybody Dies Mp3Logic – Everybody Dies Mp3 – Despite his jovial demeanour, Logic has clearly nursed a fascination with death. His suicide-prevention anthem “1-800-273-8255” found the rapper grappling with suicidal thoughts and the most effective methods in overcoming them. While somewhat saccharine in nature, the wholesome message proved respectable in its intent. Now, mere weeks removed from his upcoming album YSIV, Logic has once again taken to exploring the age-old theme of death, this time accepting its macabre inevitability.

In truth, Logic’s latest single perhaps carries a double meaning. The man you once deemed so affable on Everybody has indeed died. Reborn is a man prone to “getting the pussy wet like Jodeci,” or toting, but not firing his gat. Lyrically, Logic is firing on all cylinders, proving that his technical ability remains sharp despite occasional forays into power balladry. Yet don’t get it twisted. The man is still here for a positive message. Everybody may die, but as his second verse reminds us, not everyone truly lives. Peep the single now, available in select international markets.

Logic – Everybody Dies Mp3 Download

I just took a hiatus and wrote a novel, motherfucker
I got more verses than the Holy Bible, motherfucker
Because I’m sittin’ on five, unreleased albums
Greatest of all time, no lyin’, that’s the outcome
I do it for the boombap, the trap and the radio
Fuck a fake fan, step into me and try to play me ho
I make music for every genre, every occasion
Shit is amazin’, I’m blazin’, it’s insane
Going crazy in the gym, going in gains


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