Machine Gun Kelly – Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

Machine Gun Kelly – Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

Idols become rivals. Following Eminem’s diss, Machine Gun Kelly fires back with a scathing diss track aimed at Eminem.

On “Rap Devil,” inspired by Em’s own 2013 track “Rap God,” the Cleveland rapper calls out Marshall Mathers for being “sober and bored” and accuses him of trying to “blackball” his career.

“I think my dad’s gon’ crazy’ / Yeah, Hailie, you right,” raps MGK. “Dad’s always mad couped up in the studio yelling at the mic / You sober and bored, huh, about to be 46 years old, dawg / Talkin’ ’bout I’m about to call up Trick Trick / You sound like a bitch, bitch / Man up and handle your shit / Mad about something I said in 2012 / Took you six years and a surprise album just to come with a diss.”

Machine Gun Kelly has cited Eminem as one of his idols who inspired him to rap. But in 2012, he tweeted that Em’s daughter Hailie was “hot as f**k,” which led to a reported ban from his Shade 45 channel on SiriusXM.

“Let’s talk about the fact that you actually blackballed a rapper that’s twice as young as you,” he continues. “Let’s call Sway, ask why I can’t go up to Shade 45 because of you / Let’s ask Interscope how you had Paul Rosenberg trying to shelve me / Still can’t cover up the fact your last four albums is as bad as your selfie.”

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