Playboi Carti ft Gunna – No Time


Playboi Carti ft Gunna - No Time

No Time” is the Playboi Carti we’ve come to know.
The minimalist sensibility shared by Playboi Carti might go over some people’s heads. Die Lit has received a fair share of skepticism from music fans who rushed to give it a quick appraisal. One song in particular deserving of “sleeper” status is “No Time,” Carti’s collaboration with QC’s Gunna. Don Cannon’s melody depicting a carousel gives the performers the stretch they need to shoot their lines. Both rappers lament that time is of the essence. Carti wakes up with just enough time to “drop his demons out.”

It’s hard to believe there was a time when Carti was touring with nothing but a few loose ends to his name. People lined up to see what the noise was all about. Who was this cat emptying out a bottle of cognac in an abandoned high rise apartment? It seems the answer to those questions is only beginning to surface. Carti’s Die Lit is surprise to us all, when in fact he’d only promised a few select songs.


Quotable Lyrics:

Four, five, six, seven bitches keep callin’ my line
Ya cap like Mitchell and Ness lil’ n—- stop lyin’
Check, they was talkin’ ’bout lil’ ma live my life
Chop that chicken and shrimp cut in my rice
Spanish bitch call me Papi I can make her my wife

Playboi Carti ft Gunna – No Time


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