Rico Nasty – Trust Issues

Rico Nasty - Trust Issues

“Trust Issues” is the latest offering from the NY rapper who gave us “Key Lime OG.”
Rico Nasty be “where the dollars be,” and when money gets in the way there’s no telling how people react. Rico first drew national attention after Lil Yachty remixed Hey Arnold. Since then she has able to recruit many new faces to her fiercely loyal fanbase. “Trust Issues” is her new single and she’s even got a video for it. Consider yourself warned.

Rico gave it her all at the Fader Fort on Friday, the focal point of her SXSW Festival appearance. SXSW, as always, is a good weekend opportunity for artists and industry scouts to mix and mingle. Check out “Trust Issues”, see how it compares.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bitch, I’m a dog, but I just broke up out the kennel
Car paid full cash and you ridin’ in a rental
Diamonds in my dental, crazy in my mental
Stab you with a pencil if you don’t get the memo
This shit too simple, smokin’ on endo
Racks in my pocket, so it made me limp slow

Rico Nasty – Trust Issues


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