Soulja Boy No Sleep Album Zip Download

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Soulja Boy No Sleep Album Zip Download

Soulja Boy No Sleep Album Zip DownloadSoulja Boy No Sleep Album Zip – As Soulja Boy said in a tweet only a few days ago, “In this world, you either crank that Soulja boy or it cranks you.” Now, only about a week after Soulja Boy’s album “Best To Ever Do It” came out, a new Soulja Boy EP is here and we have the opportunity once again to crank that Soulja Boy.

The project is five songs long (all of which have generic names: “Yeah Yeah,” “Running This Like a Relay,” “I Got The Recipe”) and each of them is pretty standard fare. It makes one wonder on which side of the cranking equation Soulja Boy himself has landed. Either way, the release of the EP coincides with Soulja Boy’s birthday, so happy birthday Mr Tell Em.’ Listen to Soulja Boy’s No Sleep.



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