Teyana Taylor KTSE Album (Produced By Kanye West)

Teyana Taylor KTSE Album (Produced By Kanye West)

Teyana Taylor KTSE Album (Produced By Kanye West)

Teyana Taylor’s Kanye West-produced sophomore album K.T.S.E. (which stands for Keep That Same Energy) is now available across streaming services. The album was premiered at a listening party in L.A. Thursday night and was scheduled to be given an official release Friday, but experienced delays. As GOOD Music president Pusha T put it, the “final touches” were still being applied at 2 PM yesterday. The project differs from the previous 4 Kanye-produced projects released in the same number of weeks in that it features 8 tracks rather than 7. At 22 minutes, it’s of a similar length to the other projects. It features one guest appearance from Kanye West.

The album officially concludes the 5-project schedule of Kanye releases that began with Pusha T’s Daytona last month. The Pusha album was followed by Kanye’s solo project ye, the Kanye and Kid Cudi collaborative album Kids See Ghosts, and Nas’ Nasir, before bringing us to Taylor’s latest. It follows the singer’s debut album VII, released through GOOD Music in 2014. In the interim, Taylor released The Cassette Tape 1994 EP in 2015, and starred in Kanye’s video for “Fade” in 2016.

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