Tyga – Stay In School

Tyga – Stay In School Mp3 Download

Tyga - Stay In School Mp3 Download

In case you missed it, Tyga set the week off on a high note with the drop of his brand new mixtape Bugatti Raw. After the emcee came through with Bitch I’m The Shit 2, many felt as if T-Raww had returned to form, reclaiming some of the fire he may or may not have lost during “the Jenner era.” Yet now, Tyga seems to have given into the single life and never looked back, sounding rejuvenated as he delivers razor sharp flows and playful, sexually charged lyrics. While it was difficult to select one Bugatti Raww track to showcase, the album’s closing track “Stay In School” was infectious enough to seize my attention.

With a decidedly old-school bounce, “Stay In School” provides Tyga with a drum-driven instrumental over which he can spin all manner of flows. There’s a West coast flavor to the production, especially noted in the shuffling rhythm of the hi-hat and the creeping, Mustard-esque bassline. In the track’s opening bars, Tyga takes aim at the media who once actively worked to tear him down, clowning him at every opportunity over his relationship with Kylie Jenner. Now, he’s striking back by living like a king, and it’s clear that the phoenix-esque revival has him feeling deservedly cocky.

“Ou, get your boo fore’ you boohoo,” raps Tyga, “when she make a move in my new ghost with the chauffeur, gold with the fur, you ain’t heard I’m paid? Stay in school do your homework.” Overall, Bugatti Raww’s final track makes a strong statement, saving one of the most infectious instrumentals for last. Be sure to play this one at high volumes, and you may very well find your head nodding uncontrollably. While there are plenty of bangers on Tyga’s latest mixtape, the endearing arrogance and strong production make “Stay In School” one of the project’s most immediate jams.

Quotable Lyrics

Ou, get your boo fore’ you boohoo
When she make a move in my new ghost with the chauffeur
Gold with the fur, you ain’t heard I’m paid?
Stay in school do your homework

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