Dreamville – Revenge Of The Dreamers III Album Zip Download

Dreamville – Revenge Of The Dreamers III Album Zip Download
It has been teased for a while and was delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances at the end of last year but finally, tomorrow night, Dreamville will drop the deluxe edition of Revenge Of The Dreamers III. The album will come out at 9PM EST and now the label has taken to social media to unveil the artwork and track list.

The cover art is a painting featuring 40 artists who were at the sessions and involved in the making of the original project. It was done by Blue The Great. The track list is 12 songs long, which fans will definitely be happy about, considering more than 120 tracks were recorded at the sessions a year back. Perhaps we have more projects like this to look forward to throughout the year. What might upset some is the fact that J. Cole seemingly will not appear on any of the songs, but we’re looking forward to it anyway.

Check out the track list in full below.

Under The Sun // Download
Down Bad // Download
LamboTruck // Download
Swivel (From The Album Mirrorland) // Download
Oh WowSwerve // Download
Don’t Hit Me Right Now // Download
Wells Fargo (Interlude) // Download
Sleep Deprived // Download
Self Love // Download
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies // Download
Costa Rica // Download
1993 // Download
Rembrandt..Run It Back // Download
Sunset // Download
Got Me // Download
MIDDLE CHILD // Download
PTSD // Download
Sacrifices // Download
Big Black Truck // Download
Still Up // Download
Outta Pocket // Download
Late Night // Download
Spin Move // Download
BUSSIT // Download
Passcode // Download
Up Up Away // Download
No Chorus // Download
Disgusted // Download
Revenge // Download
Still Dreamin // Download


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