Jay Z – Moonlight (Video)

Jay Z – Moonlight (Video)

Jay-Z’s latest video is a genre-blending cinematic experience.

“Moonlight,” Jay-Z’s latest visual experience from 4:44 dives into comedic territory with an all-out Friends spoof, featuring Issa Rae, Lil Rey Howery, and more. With an elaborate set channeling that of the iconic sitcom, Jay’s video lulls you in with a surreal sitcom before  changing gears completely. The tonal shift is an impressive piece of film making, and the tonal shift that occurs once the song kicks in is something to behold.

So far, Jay seems to be matching his wife’s stride, ensuring that 4:44 is a straight up visual album. If you’re a Tidal subscriber, you can check out the excellent video in full.

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